About Us

Addis Agents is a network of independent professionals who have a common vision of providing coordinated solutions to the needs of Ethiopians all over the world in the areas of small and medium scale construction and brokerage services in Addis Ababa and beyond.

The creation of this network was inspired by the overwhelming demand by the Ethiopian Diaspora to invest in real estate in their native country. This was especially evident in the eve and the aftermath of the Ethiopian Millennium. After witnessing the frustrations of such Ethiopians from lack of coordinated service provision, we decided to create Addis Agents by pulling our resources and expertise together.

Our members include distinguished engineers, contractors, building material suppliers, brokers, and dealers both from home and abroad. We came together to create this network in order to serve our customers in the most timely and cost-effective manner. What makes our network unique and indispensable is that it brings together the best of a wide range of talents both from the Diaspora and home to deliver superior customer-centric services.

Our Services
• Small and medium scale construction
• Home sales and rentals
• Land sales
• Building material supplies
• Used car sales
• Connecting maidservants and hotel workers with potential employers
• And much more!

To read more about the services we provide, check out our services section.