Our Philosophy

At Addis Agents, we understand that success is helping others become successful! We truly believe that the only way any business can grow and thrive in the long run is by creating superior value to its customers, so they become successful. It is our commitment to cultivate trust and long-term relationships with our customers rather than focusing on short-term financial gains.

Therefore, we are very careful how we recruit our members. We look at prospective members’ track records extensively before we admit them to join the Addis Agents Network. Outstanding work ethics, professionalism, integrity, expertise, and experience are just a few qualities we look for in any potential member.

In order to ensure an extraordinary experience to each and every one of our customers, we take any misconduct by any member seriously and investigate it thoroughly. If sufficient evidence is presented that any member has been involved in any kind of undesirable behavior that contradicts with Addis Agents’ mission, we will not hesitate to terminate the membership of such individuals.