Building Materials


Cinder Blocks

Addis Agents provide a great variety of cinder blocks for various kinds of construction purposes. We also produce cinder blocks for our customers at their own construction sites upon request. Many of our customers especially cooperatives are taking advantage of this service and save huge on transportation costs and in terms of time. 



Addis Agents supply a great quality of gravels to its members and its best customers. The Ministry of Mining and Energy has classified the quality of our gravels, which are produced in Tulubolo, 50 Kms south of Addis Ababa, as class I. Since the demand for our gravel is very high, we make sure our members and best customers receive what they want before we supply to the general public.


Iron Works

Addis Agents take orders from customers to produce a variety of construction materials/structures such as gates, balconies, fences, rails, door and window frames, and other special jobs. Some of our members who do this job have extensive experience in the area. Some have worked on great projects at places such as Sheraton Addis and Zerihun Building.