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If you like any of the properties in our portfolio and would like to look at the property or wish to request more information, you may contact us either by phone or e-mail. We will arrange an appointment with one of our members, who will show you the property and assist you throughout the buying or renting process. If arranging a meeting is not an option due to any difficult circumstance, we are always ready to converse with you and figure out the best way we can help you.

Similarly, if you are interested in buying building materials, please contact us.

Note: To book your room at a guest house or a hotel in Addis Ababa, please view our portfolio and contact a service provider of your choice directly. Similarly, if you would like to buy or rent a car, you have to contact the service provider directly.

Sellers\Land Lords

To get your property listed on our website, you must contact Addis Agents, so we can assess the condition of the property and take digital pictures. After making sure the property meets an acceptable minimum standard, we will post it on our website and we will facilitate a meeting between you and potential customers as we receive e-mail or phone requests. If we happen to be your sole agent, you will not have to pay any listing fee.

Meeting our Fantastic Engineers and Contractors

If you would like to carry out a small scale or medium scale construction project, you may review the Meet Our Members section and contact us. As soon as we receive your request, we will put you in touch with any of our highly qualified engineers or contractors of your choice.

Customized Service

Your satisfaction is very important to us, and that is why we are committed to providing personalized service to our customers upon request. If you have looked through our portfolio and couldn’t find a property that matches your desire, just tell us what you are exactly looking for and we will find it just for you. To ensure that you get the best service possible, please make your request as specific as possible and include all the important details. For example: if you are looking for a house to buy, tell us what kind of house, preferred location, the price range, when you need it, and any additional comments we need to keep in mind while searching for the property.

Guest House and Hotel Owners

Enlisting your property at Addis Agents has a great advantage. When tourists and other foreigners plan to come to Ethiopia, they usually go to the internet to look for rooms and other services even before they depart. Currently, since many small yet fantastic and comfortable hotels and guest houses are not listed on the web, there is no way they can discover them and use their services. As a result, they are forced to grab rooms at expensive hotels such as Sheraton Addis and Hilton. According to a renowned expert at the Ethiopian tourism commission, many tourists that visit Ethiopia prefer to stay at cheaper guest houses and hotels than staying at luxurious five star hotels. This is because the savings from getting cheaper rooms and services allows them visit more places and experience the diverse cultures and traditions of the country for a longer period of time.

By getting your property listed on our website, you will make the picture and information about your property accessible to any potential customer anywhere in the world. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors who are not listed on the web. Enlist your property today and get your share of such customers!

Owners can get their guest houses and/or hotels listed on our website for a little bi-annual payment for as long as they wish. Potential customers may directly contact the service provider directly and make their bookings.

Tourists and International Travelers

Are you a tourist getting ready to embark on your unique adventure in Ethiopia, and looking for a great yet affordable place to stay at? Then, you are at the right place! You have probably searched on Google or whatever search engine you use, for hotels in Addis Ababa and you came across a few luxurious hotels. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a room at Hilton Addis as long as you can afford it. But if you are someone, who is looking for cheaper alternatives that do not compromise your comfort and enjoyment, you might find a great deal if you spend a little longer browsing our portfolio. We are confident that you will find smaller yet classic and affordable hotels and guest houses that have not been discovered by many people yet. You can also find car rental service providers by browsing our site.

Looking for a Maidservant or a Hotel worker?

You must call, e-mail, or come to our office in person and let us know the qualifications you are looking for in a potential employee. Then, we will review our database to distinguish a few potential employees that best suit your needs and expectations and arrange an interview session for you in our office.